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‘It looks like the messenger RNA IS transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated’ ~ Dr Peter McCullough


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 28, 2022, 01:19:41 »
❗ Нет, это не майдан в Киеве 2014-го. Это Брюссель 26 ноября 2022-го

По видео можно сразу понять, как законопослушны местные жители. С каким уважением относятся к загнанным в угол представителям сил правопорядка.


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 26, 2022, 09:46:25 »

Prague will hand over 626 heaters and 18 generators to Ukraine. The only problem is those heaters work on electricity...👀

But generous.

По света … / Re: Икономически войни
« -: Ноември 26, 2022, 09:31:19 »
UPDATE 3-Ghana plans to buy oil with gold instead of U.S. dollars


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 26, 2022, 08:37:59 »
💥💥💥Ukrainian permanent representative to the UN Kislytsya showed his middle finger on Twitter after the Security Council meeting and wrote that listening to his Russian counterpart was "one of the worst duties".

The Russian post-office said: "Meet the prominent Ukrainian diplomat... No comment!". The other country's post-representative, who wished to remain unnamed, assessed Kislitsa's antics this way to RIA Novosti: "My God! This is beyond anything!".

A number of diplomats from other missions did not wish to be quoted, but said they did not consider this kind of outburst, particularly by a diplomat, acceptable.

Let the boar into the vegetable garden....💥💥💥

Драги съфорумци, след пет месеца присъствие в сий форум, установих че войнстващата простащина тук не ми е приятна.

Ми да не беше я практикувал тогава.  :m1329:

реших да прекратя участието си тук

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 22, 2022, 15:17:59 »
◾️This is how "filtering" takes place in Kherson.  Neighbors point Ukrainian security forces to "supporters of the Russian world."

◾️After  last week's foorltage of reprisals and abuses (https://t.me/UkraineHumanRightsAbuses/14105?single) against the civilian population, I can say repression is just increasing.

- West sponsored Human Rights crimes.


По света … / Re: Хибридни войни
« -: Ноември 21, 2022, 19:50:39 »

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 21, 2022, 12:20:32 »
А случайно да ви е хрумвало, че договорняка може да е "да се нулира системата".Тоест да се изчистят дълговете. Едно ядрено бомбе и ще настане такава паника....
ОбяснИ се стотина пъти какъв е договорняка в Украйна.

Обяснило се било...

Как така обясняваш нещо, което е плод на твоята фантазия? Да кажеш, че лично ти така мислиш - става. Да "обясняваш"... нема нужда.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 21, 2022, 07:10:53 »
Confirmed casualties of senior Ukrainian officers this week:

▪️Commander of the helicopter squadron of the 16th AFU Army Aviation Brigade Colonel Sergei Homik
▪️ Commander of the 105th Battalion of the 63rd AFU Mechanised Brigade Colonel Nikolay Krasivov
▪ Lieutenant Colonel Armen Aslanian, commander of the 243rd battalion of the 241st TR Brigade
▪ Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Sokurenko
▪️ Deputy battalion commander of the AFU Major Igor Kulinich
Major Artem Pryymak, artillery battalion commander of the 128th AFU Brigade

📌 Confirmed Ukrainian casualties during the special military operation (as per Lostarmour.info and other sources) :
➖ Colonels - 62
➖ Lieutenant Colonels - 118
➖ majors - 175

- Ukrainian_Guide

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По света … / Re: Икономически новини
« -: Ноември 17, 2022, 11:15:41 »
Biden's cheat sheet at the G20 summit


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 17, 2022, 11:12:02 »
‼️ВС России впервые нанесли удары по газовой инфраструктуре Украины!

В результате российских ударов сразу в нескольких областях поражены объекты газовой промышленности.

Удары по газовым объектам наносились и в других областях Украины, сейчас информация уточняется.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 17, 2022, 11:04:17 »
Washington, Capitol Crater.

Black smoke rises over the crater created by the White House bombing, ash glowing with weapons-grade plutonium slowly settles. It is snowing lightly, and Jingle Bell Rock is playing.

William Burns, director of the CIA, comments on the situation:

- Don't panic, it was a ridiculous accident in the workings of the Ukrainian air defense system.

"Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun" (c) Bobby Helms


Теми на форумците … / Re: карикатури …
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По света … / Re: Турция
« -: Ноември 14, 2022, 13:09:49 »
⚡️Turkish Interior Minister rejects US condolences following Istanbul terrorist attack:

🗣"We have understood the message that they are trying to convey to us. Allies who seem like friends to us, who either hide all terrorists in their own countries, or give life to terrorists in the territories they occupy, in the territories they control, and send them money officially from their own senates. We do not accept the condolences of the American Embassy. We know from where and how the preparations for the terrorist attack were coordinated. We will deliver a very strong response to this attack"


По света … / Re: Турция
« -: Ноември 14, 2022, 10:18:21 »

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 14, 2022, 10:10:05 »
The Situation Post-Kherson by Grigori, Slavyangrad

It is time to move on from any disappointment you had concerning the Kherson withdrawal (which I explained here). Together, let us assess the situation going forward.

The East Bank of the Dnieper

Now that NATO have the west bank, it is unlikely they will freeze the conflict. Instead, expect them to begin terrorising the cities and  towns on the east bank with artillery and sabotage units (like we already see on the Kinburn Peninsula and at Energodar).  Do not be surprised to see more civilian evacuations and possibly even a No-Man's Land of sorts created on our side of the river. Pressure on Energodar will increase but will hopefully be countered with our newly available resources.

The Kinburn spit (the tip of the peninsula) is a matter for separate discussion. Like the Zmeiny (Snake) island, it has been the land of the damned for some time. Like Snake island, whoever controls the Kinburn spit does so mostly on paper. This has always been the case, with only small Russian patrol units regularly walking the perimetre—as larger groupings face inevitable targeting by NATO artillery. The same is true for NATO, as they cannot do anything more than send a few guys to plant a quick flag. Yes, planting a flag on the sandy delta of the Dnieper is only Tik-Tok warfare, but expect NATO to try to accomplish this veritable feat at the first opportunity they get.


The majority of the 30,000 Kherson garrison is now free to link up with, among others, the mobilised forces finishing their training in Melitopol. The advantage here is that we do not have our backs against a bridge and logistics are much more favourable. The early information I have is that NATO have now relocated the 98th Azov Battalion from the Kherson line to Zaporozhye; suggesting that this is indeed the next area to watch. I will likely do a later post specifically on NATO redeployments post-Kherson.

Military logistics at Melitopol are fed both from Crimea—along the rail and the highway being freshly repaved and widened—and from mainland Russia, through Mariupol and southern DPR, along the major automobile transit paths that run through the area and originate in Krasnodar and Rostov Oblasts. It is the Crimean path that is most susceptible to NATO strikes, and we are likely to see Russia reorient its communications network to run east to west.

This latter possibility may well have been the reason for the renewed push at Pavlovka and Ugledar. It is only by securing this area that Russia can ensure the safety of the rail traffic from Donetsk to Mariupol, which is vital to reliable rail supplies to Melitopol and Berdyansk if and when the route through Crimea is imperilled.


By severing the Antonovsky Bridge, we have fortified Crimea against any assault coming from the western side of The Ukraine. The idea that Kherson was the gateway to Crimea ended entirely with the bridge. To even have a shot at Crimea, NATO now needs to come down from Zaporozhye and first take Melitopol. As I mentioned above, Melitopol is nowhere near the logistical nightmare that Kherson was, with the ability to be easily supplied from both Crimea, Berdyansk, and down the east-west route from Krasnodar and Rostov Oblasts, eventually even by rail—replacing entirely the Crimean path.

Combine all of this with my previous post about the Kherson withdrawal, and it becomes very clear that perhaps Surovikin and those on the frontlines know a thing or two more than we do about what Russia needs to win this war.

As I have said many times, it is not the mistakes that matter, but rather the lessons we take from them, and then what we do to improve.

- Grigori

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 13, 2022, 13:12:05 »
Surovikin’s Difficult Choice

In January, 1944, the newly reconstituted German Sixth Army found itself in an operationally cataclysmic situation in the southern bend of the Dnieper River, in the area of Krivoi Rog and Nikopol. The Germans occupied a dangerous salient, jutting out precariously into the Red Army’s lines. Vulnerable on two awkward flanks, and facing an enemy with superiority in manpower and firepower, any general worth his salt would have sought to withdraw as soon as possible. In this case, however, Hitler insisted that the Wehrmacht hold the salient, because the region was Germany’s last remaining source of manganese - a mineral crucial for making high quality steel.

A year prior, in the opening weeks of 1943, Hitler had intervened in another, more famous battle, forbidding the previous incarnation of the Sixth Army from breaking out of a pocket forming around it at Stalingrad. Prohibited from withdrawing, the Sixth was annihilated wholesale.

In both of these cases, there was a clash between pure military prudence and broader political aims and needs. In 1943, there was neither a compelling military nor political reason to keep the 6th Army in the pocket at Stalingrad - political intervention in military decision making was both senseless and disasterous. In 1944, however, Hitler (however difficult it is to admit it) had a valid argument. Without manganese from the Nikopol area, German war production was doomed. In this case, political intervention was perhaps warranted. Leaving an army in a vulnerable salient is bad, but so is running out of manganese.

These two tragic fates of the Sixth Army illustrate the salient issue today: how do we parse the difference between military and political decision making? More specifically, to what do we attribute the shocking Russian decision to withdraw from the west bank of the Dnieper in Kherson oblast, after annexing it just a few months ago?

I would like to parse through this issue. First off, one cannot deny that the withdrawal is politically a significant humiliation for Russia. The question becomes, however, whether this sacrifice was necessary on military or political grounds, and what it may signify about the future course of the conflict.

As I see it, the withdrawal from west bank Kherson must be driven by one of the four following possibilities:

1. The Ukrainian Army has defeated the Russian Army on the west bank and driven it back across the river.

2. Russia is setting a trap in Kherson.

3. A secret peace agreement (or at least ceasefire) has been negotiated which includes giving Kherson back to Ukraine.

4. Russia has made a politically embarrassing but militarily prudent operational choice.

Останалото: https://bigserge.substack.com/p/surovkins-difficult-choice

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 22:37:51 »
Запад разблокировал российские удобрения после сдачи Херсона
   :t2015: Радост за нашите агрикюлтьори ! Вместо да торят с морски алги от Бретан, нещо по-нормално... Глътка въздух за тях, че хич не им е леко положението. ---------- А иначе за руснаците се получава - Продали Херсона за говна вагона.

Хайде стига повтаря тия глупости, че стана досадно.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 19:18:43 »

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 17:40:32 »

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 15:20:15 »

For reasons obvious to all reasonable people, Russia is NOT yet using its entire arsenal of possible means of DESTRUCTION and did NOT strike at all possible enemy targets located in populated areas, not only out of our inherent human kindness but there is a time for everything - Deputy Chairman of Russian Security Council Medvedev.

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Теми на форумците … / Re: Цветни картинки …
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 15:01:00 »
Седнах да хапна едно шкембе.


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 14:44:19 »
Эвакуация гражданского населения из Новой Каховки. ВСУ обстреливают город.
Новая Каховка теперь фактически находится на линии фронта.


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 13:39:53 »
Кое настъпление ще спира Русия, като украинската армия не смее да влезе в Херсон, камо ли да излезе  :popcorn:

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 13:14:09 »
Благодаря Дозирис за красноречивия съпорт.
Моля  :t0328:

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
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По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 12, 2022, 11:47:10 »

Russia is not an ordinary state, it is a powerful state. Of course, the West, especially America, is attacking Russia almost without limits.

Against all this, of course, Russia is resisting


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 09, 2022, 18:40:16 »
Муктата излезе прав за договорняка.
Моля ви, бъдете реалисти. От вчера до днес абсолютно нищо не се е променило. Войната е информационна. Това е от мен засега.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 08, 2022, 05:20:40 »
Губернатор Кожемяко официально прокомментировал ситуацию с наступлением на Павловку.

«Наступаем жёстко. Да, потери есть, но далеко не такие [как писали в соцсетях]. Это говорит не штабной офицер, а боевой командир. Он подчеркнул, что потери приморцев значительно преувеличены».


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 07, 2022, 18:28:53 »
:t1255: :t1244:

в този форум има и други теми, използвайте ги и оставете тази да си почине малко.

Нямах намерение изобщо да пиша, но видях поредния провокативен коментар и не се стърпях.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 07, 2022, 18:12:42 »
Освен тва, нямах предвид коментара ти за знамето, а това:
Тези готовите на свой ред свенливо пропускат, че според същия този начальник Стремоусов „российские войска скорее всего будут уходить на левый берег“.

Какво бил казал, рийш ли. Ако му е наредено това да каже, това ще каже. Тва ми беше мисълта.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 07, 2022, 18:10:38 »
Ти пропускаш основното - в Херсон е въведено военно положение. Това освен всичко друго, означава военна цензура върху информацията. Според теб дали случайно се изпускат подобни думи в условия на военно положение?
Аз нали казах – чудо ще направите, само и само да оправдаете каквито и низости да извърши Путин. Какво общо има липсата на знамето с военното положение? И ти ли като оня сабале ще разправяш, че го перяли в един леген? И ако наистина изведат войската, т.е. изоставят града – и то дребна работа, а?
Впрочем точно ти пък неотдавна ми казваше „чакай сега Путин да подпише присъединяването, да видиш какво става, като му се развържат ръцете!“.
Е, какво стана? Едно голямо стана – вече осем месеца и половина. Ма как не ви омръзна да си самовнушавате глупости и да им вярвате!
Впрочем, аз пък точно никога не съм ти казвал подобни неща. Ето какво ти казах:

Задава се тежък разгром за Русия с последици, които е трудно да си представим. И зло за света изобщо.

Ако не забравя, в петък ще ти припомня този ти коментар.

Де го тежкият разгром бе, специалист? Русия анексира територии, а Украйна се пъне като глист на буца. Кога да чакаме разгрома?  :popcorn:

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 06, 2022, 14:13:07 »
Тюхкането беще одновно че били свалили руския флаг от областната администрация. Дали да го изпират, дали да го подменят
„Обясненията“ за каквото и да е на тукашните поклонници на договорняка стават все по-окаяно нелепи. Властта в Херсон скромно мълчи защо липсва знамето на главната административна сграда, но ние си имаме винаги готови да подскажат нещо от тъпо по-тъпо.
Тези готовите на свой ред свенливо пропускат, че според същия този начальник Стремоусов „российские войска скорее всего будут уходить на левый берег“.

Ти пропускаш основното - в Херсон е въведено военно положение. Това освен всичко друго, означава военна цензура върху информацията. Според теб дали случайно се изпускат подобни думи в условия на военно положение?

Recycle Bin … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Ноември 05, 2022, 13:38:20 »
И кво, накрая тихомълком се съгласихте с Муктата, ама трябваше нали - спор и клетви, колко сме по-навътре, ги разбираме нещата , всичките ! Най-трудно е да убеждаваш в нещо българе, дървени глави,  ама пък е сладко да ги убедиш ...  :nuts:

Явно успешно си убедил себе си, че си убедил някого другиго. Честито!  :m1924:

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 30, 2022, 15:10:01 »
Ндааа... Подгорица взета...
П.П. Ъм с'я... Домен коротких ссылок мессенджера Telegram — t.me — заблокирован в России, следует из данных сервиса Роскомнадзора проверки ограничения доступа к сайтам и их страницам...
От къдя ще се грамотим? Другите СМИ - предатели  :t0301:

Другарю, що пак като фашист се държиш?

Домен используется для перехода в мессенджер Telegram со сторонних сайтов

Тва що не го цитира бе, охлюв?  :smokin:

По света … / Re: Светът в конфликт
« -: Октомври 30, 2022, 14:35:34 »
Чуйте това:

'Those towers are going bye bye' - Israeli Rabbi 1 week before 9/11!


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 05, 2022, 09:43:59 »
МОСКВА, 5 октября. /ТАСС/. Президент РФ Владимир Путин подписал четыре закона о ратификации договоров о принятии Донецкой и Луганской народных республик, а также Запорожской и Херсонской областей в состав России. Соответствующие документы опубликованы.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 13:36:31 »
Няма смисъл да преливаме от пусто в празно. Поживем - увидим.

AFP News Agency
#BREAKING Over 200,000 people mobilised to Russian army in two weeks, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu says

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 13:12:02 »
Аз очаквам ултиматум към Зелената фланелка, ден-два след подписа.
И миналата година имаше ултиматум, до цялото НАТО. Счупиха се да го изпълняват.

Ето текст на ултиматум от авторитетен човек:
          24 часа – тебе воля; первый мой выстрел – уже не воля; штурм – смерть!
Забележителна лаконичност! Не е бил по приказките, но е знаел какво да прави и преди ултиматума, и след него.

Ами то това е идеята. Зеленски няма как да изпълни квото и да било (даже да иска), защото е подкован с десетки милиарди вече. Тия пари не са коледен подарък, а инвестиция.

Според мен планът на Путин е очевиден. Присъединяване на териториите чрез референдум, тоест законно. В този момент Украйна се превръща в агресор на руска територия. Русия предлага преговори. Украйна отказва. Путин поставя ултиматум. Зеленски отказва. Русия изрива украинската армия. Украйна капитулира. Конец фильма.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 12:41:26 »
Зеленский ввел в действие решение СНБО о невозможности проведения переговоров с Путиным


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 12:34:47 »
Mobilization in South Ossetia
brothers morale very high


По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 12:15:06 »
Моя грешка горе. Сенатът вече е ратифицирал днес, чака се подписът на Путин:


Аз очаквам ултиматум към Зелената фланелка, ден-два след подписа.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 12:00:50 »
Elon Musk
Ukraine-Russia Peace:

- Redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is will of the people.

- Crimea formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake).

- Water supply to Crimea assured.

- Ukraine remains neutral.

Обаче коментарите са много забавни:



По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 11:51:10 »
The head of the German Foreign Ministry said that she sees no way to end the war through negotiations.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 11:49:35 »
Ако не забравя, в петък ще ти припомня този ти коментар.
Съветът на федерацията, след Думата, е одобрил приемането на 4-те области в състава на РФ.
Остава да се направят незначителни промени в Конституцията. Дано да е не по-късно от петък? Такъв ли е срокът?
И тогава нечии толкова оплювани тук президентски ръце ще са отвързани.

Утре сенатът ще ратифицира приемането на новите региони. Промените в конституцията са формалност: "Федеральные конституционные законы выступают в силу со дня вступления в силу договоров о принятии новых регионов в состав РФ."

В петък Путин има РД. :) 

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 04, 2022, 11:03:58 »
Задава се тежък разгром за Русия с последици, които е трудно да си представим. И зло за света изобщо.

Ако не забравя, в петък ще ти припомня този ти коментар.

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 03, 2022, 23:43:52 »

По света … / Re: Русия (Re: Russia)
« -: Октомври 03, 2022, 19:18:20 »
Според коментар, който прочетох днес, САЩ добиват 80% от сирийския петрол. Крадат го, така да се каже. Защо Русия няма нищо против това, или поне не личи да има?

По света … / Re: Добрата Стара Англия
« -: Октомври 03, 2022, 12:27:42 »
Скоро и у нас...

Френският историк Eманюел Тод: Светът не вярва на Запада и може да избере руснаците

Останалият свят не вижда в нас либерални демокрации, а олигархии, които презират своите бедни, смята френският историк Еманюел Тод. Преди всичко се усеща възраждащ се колониален темперамент. Жестоката истина е, че останалият свят не ни харесва. Ако трябва да избира между Запада и руснаците, има риск да избере руснаците, подчератава Тод в своя статия във френското сп. "Мариан". Според антрополозите, посочва авторът, 75% от населението на света е отдадено на семейните ценности. „Нашият ултраиндивидуализъм, феминизъм и ЛГБТ не се харесват на останалия свят“, подчертава​ авторът.​​​​

"Ако ме попитат кое понятие характеризира най-добре днешния Запад, без колебание ще отговоря: "фалшивото съзнание". Вече не знаем какви сме ние, какви са другите и какво мислят за нас.

Още: клик

По света … / Re: Светът в конфликт
« -: Септември 30, 2022, 07:49:46 »
Следва доста дълъг пост, който открих в друг форум. Писано е през август, но го видях днес:

In Late September 2022 It All Collapses

I'm not one to make many threads but I will post this here for my own posterity. I will tell you what is coming and you will believe me or you won't but ultimately I'd like to think this thread will survive the test of time as a true warning of the future that is sure to unfold.

What I write may seem crazy but as time unfolds you will see I at least tried... I may just be nobody but i've been on this solo watchtower a long time, I've managed to make a few friends along the way who have explained the future to me as I will explain it to you, but ultimately I am just nobody attempting to help...

The typical American looks at the economic situation and cannot rectify in their own minds how the market says one thing and their eyes and ears sense another.

We see record homelessness, we see record drug deaths, we see moral degradation in our schools, we see accelerating decay in every single one of our cities, and we see a media and government that has been captured by fraud. We see a uni-party that exists to enrich itself and not the people. We see the largest wealth gap in our country's history with no end in sight...

SO because of this we cannot understand how it is that the market is 20000pts higher than it was a decade ago. We cannot for the life of us see how housing prices are so absurdly high as the price of a SFH went from 190k to 370k in ten years. We cannot for the life of us understand how anyone pays the now $2,000 dollar AVERAGE in rent, or how anyone pays a utility and food bill triple what it was two years ago, and yet asset valuations NEVER seem to fall!

We see the homeless, we see the despair, we see the drug deaths, we see the absolute decay of Western society on every street corner in America and Europe. We see hollowed our rural towns and cities with no jobs or hope left.

We see ALL this and wonder... how are the prices so high? For 14years the Bears have seen with their own eyes and ears that the prices make absolutely ZERO sense. They have applied LOGIC to an ILLOGICAL moment in history so they are unable to understand how both things are possible. Because of this they perpetually tell you it's all coming down because there's no way this can last.

They're wrong.

For the last 14years the world has been collapsing into the United States. This is the main #1 reason for the disconnect between the common American's senses and their nation's market prices.


One can see the effect of this on real estate in say California, Oregon, or Washington - You can see first hand how many of the buyers of your inflated real estate are not from this country.

The SAME THING has been happening in our stock market. The difference is you can't see that reality in stocks as you can with real estate in your own town.

This foreign capital has MUCH MUCH bigger issues to deal with than we do. We, as Americans, stay focused on our own nation and are unable to comprehend the crisis that has unfolded beyond our borders.

One example of this would be in 2014 when the European Central Bank made the unprecedented move of imposing NEGATIVE interest rates at the ECB. At various points over the last 8 years the EU members bond markets have yielded NEGATIVE. There were various points during 2019-2021 when the United States was the ONLY bond market in the Western World NOT yielding NEGATIVE.

The insanity of this cannot be understated!

A bond market exists to raise capital - you give me X and I give you Y yield in return after Z period of time. The concept is simple and has been used by governments throughout history to generate money. The citizens invest in the government and the government gives them a guaranteed rate of return. If the government needs money the YIELD RISES to make the bond more attractive. If times are good and the government doesnt need the money the YIELD stays low. That is how it's suppose to work but once we embarked on QE4EVA we completely destroyed the function of the bond market itself.

Luckily for the USA we were never stupid enough to let yields actually go negative...

But what happens when you actually flip that yield negative like the ECB did? What happens when you literally start driving capital OUT of your trade union because your yields no longer make any logical sense to invest in?

You, as an individual, realize you've LOST your guaranteed rate of return with your nation's bond markets so what do you do? Well you pivot towards American bonds still yielding SOMETHING! You see the average foreign investor understands the American markets are the most secure in the entire world - We're protected by two oceans. Our border is practically impenetrable. Our currency has not been canceled in almost 160years. Our military might is unmatched. There's no other industrialized nation in the world you can make these claims about. Not one. This is the real value of America.

The foreigner ends up more interested in protecting their capital in American Real Estate and stocks. The dividend yields in our stock market have become the NEW GUARANTEED RATE OF RETURN as people realize they'll yield more in stock dividends than in bonds. There's also a great risk of a debt default in the Western World and in that scenario you are 100% screwed if youre the bondholder. At least with the stocks you maintain ownership of something REAL. The bonds are just paper promises by a government you can't sue.

So you pour your money into American markets... real estate, stocks, bonds, and yes, THE DOLLAR.

As a foreign investor it makes no difference to you what the standard of living for the average American is. It makes no difference to you their markets no longer reflect their own nations economic picture. Youre just protecting your own capital and how the average American is doing has no real bearing on your investment. All the aforementioned reasons regarding geography, military, and our currency don't change regardless of how the American consumer is doing.

You don't care about the average American. You just buy it when it dips and you hang on because you see the world collapsing into America's markets and the dollar first.

Which brings me the dollar itself...

This process has been ongoing in the dollar as well for some time. It's why Gold bugs cannot figure out how gold and silver will not take off in this environment.

When the ECB went negative the USDX (Dollar chart) was at 80. By 2018 the USDX was at 90. Today it appears it will close at 108 - the highest close for the dollar since the Summer of 2002.

Despite the record number of dollars printed over the last 10years it has made ZERO DIFFERENCE to the value of the dollar itself. In fact the dollar is UP 35% over the last 10 years!

Go ahead and read that back - THE DOLLAR IS UP 35% IN THE LAST 10 YEARS! Now ask yourself how many "The dollar is dying" articles have you read over the same time period? Every single one of them were DEAD WRONG. I have all the respect in the world for people like Peter Schiff because my introduction into markets was in 2008 with Ron Paul and getting into the Austrian school but what all of these people FAILED to realize is that our ability to EXPORT our dollars outside the border gave us the ability to keep printing without worry of a value collapse in the dollar itself.

The million dollar question is what will cause all those dollars to come back? What is the alternative right now to the dollar? The truth is there is no currency that can act as an alternative at the moment in world commerce. None. In the coming years that may change but for the time being there is no alternative.

Don't believe me?

Think about this...

It's the Summer of 2019... the Fed has been raising rates or keeping them flat practically every quarter Trump has been in office (Side note - funny how rates went up or stayed flat every quarter Trump was in office and the DOW doubled in the same time period and Real Estate kept hyperinflating. Yet today the same "experts" will tell you rising rates will collapse the markets even though we literally just watched the markets double in 3years with rising rates during Trump's Presidency) in August of 2019 the REPO MARKETS BLEW OUT. This was an incredibly significant event that was totally ignored (intentionally I might add) by the Mainstream financial news.

The REPO market is, in a sense, an overnight bond market. Where standard bonds operate in months or years or decades the repo bonds are overnight bonds. Typically the yield on these bonds stayed well below .5 to 1% because it's literally a 12-24hr note.

In August of 2019 the rates BLEW OUT to 10% in a single night! This was historic because it PROVED there was a SERIOUS dollar shortage in the system. The Fed panicked because it had insisted on tightening - and with the markets at raging all-time highs in 2019 there was absolutely NO justification for reversing course on rates or stimulus.

They had to manufacture a crisis because the DEMAND FOR DOLLARS was so intense.

The decision was made in August of 2019 to reset the system BECAUSE the demand for dollars was so unbelievable it was collapsing the euro. By October 2019 we have event 201 - our covid simulation. By December COVID is making mainstream news. By March were locked down and creating 40% more currency than has ever existed in history.

NOT because of covid but because the market was literally about to die without a massive injection of new dollars. This is how I knew covid was BS from Day 1. Anyone who had paid attention to the economics of the dollar understood EXACTLY what these people were actually doing. It was all a farce to create the dollars they needed!

ALL OF THIS was done to inject dollars in the global monetary system. That's how serious the dollar demand is! These people were literally willing to destroy the global economy just to come up with a reason for why they just HAD to create all those dollars.

Two and a half years later and the dollar is STILL gaining strength despite ALL the currency creation the fed embarked on when covid started.

Conclusion? The demand for dollars is almost impossible to service! The inflation today has NOTHING to do with the dollar's value or the currency they printed up. NOTHING. All one has to do is look at the USDX chart to see the truth. The people who keep blaming the dollar do not understand what is actually happening here.

Over the past 10 years our dollar is up 35%, The DOW is up 100%, the price of a SFH is up 75%.

How can all this be if the dollar is doomed and our markets are doomed?

This entire 14year rally happened in the face of a massive BEAR narrative from the alt-media. Practically NO ONE in the alt-media predicted what would happen. No one. In fact they didn't just miss it they were completely wrong - the alt-media was the DUMB money this entire time. It was all sky is falling non-sense the ENTIRE 14year rally! It's safe to say this was the most HATED Bull Market in United States history!

The purpose of these bearish narratives was to keep YOU POOR so you'd be easier to control when the entire thing collapsed. They knew the game was over in 2008 so they created a situation where they get to buy everything at 0% and turn you turn into a serf while doing it! By believing the Bears this whole time you got left behind... The bad guys always knew how this would end but by hyperinflating you out of a normal life they basically made you powerless to stop them.

So why is this all important? Because it sets up what's about to happen in September...

The Fed believed that if the inflation were to run out of control due to the actions that were taken in March of 2020 that they would simply raise rates and deflate the asset bubbles - bringing deflation to asset prices and preventing a hyperinflationary collapse.

The Fed embarked on this quest over a year ago with the yield on a 10yr note at around .7%.

Today the yield is roughly 3% and the bubbles have not popped. We've had pullbacks but not relative to the rise in rates.

In fact we are experiencing hyperinflation in our energy markets which is causing hyperinflation in everything else. No matter what the interest rates or dollar say the ENERGY is driving the hyperinflation. The Fed cannot control this!

Where the Fed screwed up is they didn't understand this isn't 1980 anymore. In a typical scenario they would raise rates and the consumer would pay down debts - destroying dollars - and bring deflation. Today the GOVERNMENT holds the VAST majority of the debt - NOT THE CONSUMER - so the raising rates will do NOTHING to stop the Government from spending. They will simply continue to borrow no matter what the rate is. It could be 20% and the government is NOT going to stop spending. This is why raising rates to deflate asset prices WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE.

Where the Fed did their job is they got the USDX up to 108, they've got 10yr yields over 3%. BUT! What they didn't anticipate was that the new administration would COLLAPSE the global energy markets for their own political reasons.

The combination of the Biden administration destroying our energy markets - with ZERO alternatives - combined with the fact the government holds all the debt now - not the consumer - created a situation where the rising rates MAKE ZERO DIFFERENCE TO INFLATION AND ACTUALLY MAKE IT WORSE!

This is why EVERYONE is starting to PANIC!

The Fed has fired all it's bullets and we are still experiencing a hyperinflation. The Kenyesian economic model told them this was not possible. They literally cannot comprehend what is happening.

The dollar is rising, the rates are rising, the market is rising, real estate is rising, energy is rising, food is rising, ALL OF IT is hyperinflating outside of their control and raising rates isn't going to stop it! They have no idea what to do but to keep raising rates in the hopes it stops the inflation.

It wont!

The energy issue is totally separate from the financial issues. The Fed cannot control what the government does to oil, gas, and diesel. The collapse of our energy markets is what's currently driving the hyperinflation here and around the world. But ask yourself what happens once they have to reverse course and kill the dollar's value again? Imagine if the USDX goes back to 72 with there being a shortage of energy on top of that? That's how you get to $10-15 gas!

The realization is dawning on these people that they can't simply pop the bubble with rising rates. It won't work. They'll keep trying because they have ZERO cards left to play but it will make no difference in the end.

THIS IS THE FINANCIAL HURRICANE DIMON, MUSK, BEZOS, ETC ARE WARNING YOU ABOUT! It's not going to be a crash you fools it's going to be a hyperinflationary collapse! They are going to price you out of existing as a way to CONTROL YOU and CONTROL YOUR LIFE. What they've done to you the past 14years WILL ONLY ACCELERATE!

What makes this time different...

Russia and China - the BRICS nations and those allied with them - have noticed what's going on here and they aren't too happy.

They are the actual producers in this game and they aren't going to take this anymore. The WEF is hellbent on destroying their energy markets and the BRICES refuse to accept that. The BRICS recognize the game is over and so they have moved on to the inevitable conclusion of the game - WAR.

The Russians have made their move on Ukraine and right now the Chinese are gearing up for an invasion of Taiwan and the South Chinese sea (perhaps even more). These lockdowns in China are about converting their economy into a war-machine without people noticing - There was a leaked 60min CCP meeting on this released a few months ago that confirms this.

The Russians and Chinese realize the game is over and now they're preparing for the next phase. Russia went in first so America and Europe would bog themselves down on one front, then the second front gets opened by China this fall.

World War III is here. It will start this fall.

The West's financial problems have grown too great - there is absolutely no way they can get themselves out of this mess now. Meanwhile Russia and China see a window of opportunity to become the world's leading superpowers as the United States and Europe crumble economically and cannot provide their populations sufficient ENERGY going forward.

The real crisis the United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan face is that 15years of 0% or negative yielding rates has BANKRUPTED their national pension funds. They required, by law, these pension funds be heavily overweight bonds and the lack of yield DESTROYED these funds. How can you beat inflation when 50% of your pension fund is invested in a debt note yielding 1% for 15years?

The West has to explain to ALL it's people that ALL the promises of socialism they made were FALSE and they will NEVER bring themselves to do that so WAR it will be. That is why absolutely NO ONE in America is interested in peace in Ukraine or anywhere else. THEY NEED THIS.

The financial mismanagement of the last 51years will be blamed on the WAR - not the political class or the central banks like it should be. They will do everything in their power to convince you the Chinese and Russians are the reason you are now broke. They are already attempting to do this with the Russians with Food and Gas.

Let me be the first to tell you that is completely BS.

The western political class is the reason youre going to end up broke. The Russians and Chinese had nothing to do with it. Do not forget this as the propaganda is about to go into WW3 overdrive.

Recognizing that the West needs this war to reset itself Russia took the first step and now China prepares to take theirs...

So what is the hold up from these two?

These nations know the greatest strength they have at the moment is their energy sectors. They do not want to escalate this situation until the weather starts to turn COLD again.

I strongly suspect our political class and military are well aware that WW3 is coming this fall but they do not want to start a panic because they know the war will create a never before seen hyperinflation that'll make the last year look like a picnic. People would panic horde to an even worse degree than they already are if they knew the truth today.

This is why the gun issue is now front and center. They know what's coming will be uncontrollable and the less guns people have the better off they'll be.

In September it will be known World War 3 has officially started...

Once the realization has been made by the masses that WW3 has started THE BUBBLE WILL FINALLY POP selling will be as intense, if not more so, than March of 2020. We will see 2-3k down days again in the DOW. The market will crater, housing will crash, rates will spike, the USDX will leap towards 120. The Dow will crater down to 18-21k, housing will crash roughly 25%, and commodities will get crushed.

I suspect this massive collapse in 3-4weeks away. The second we cross over until Fall (9-22) the Chinese are going to make their move and it'll be obvious to everyone what is going on.

In the face of this asset collapse, and the realization WW3 has started, the fed will be forced to do the only thing it can - with the intense dollar strength and higher yields WW3 will bring the Fed will reverse course, AGAIN, and the dollars created will be in an even larger amount than EVER before - yields will be driven lower again as well but what makes it worse this time is the GAS and DIESEL will be needed for the war.

It's not going to be like March of 2020 where the collapse hit energy and saved people with lower prices.

The hyperinflation at that point will be driven by BOTH the shortages in energy AND a falling dollar value due to the restart of QE and Stimulus. This is how we get to never before seen levels of price far FAR worse than today...

Gas and Diesel will be rationed. So too will most food items. We will live again as our grandparents and parents did during WW2. Our government will use the chaos of this situation to advance their Great Reset agenda...

Around this time I suspect the government will justify more lockdowns and a mail-in only election with some sort of political false flag relating to the beginning of WW3.

The lockdowns will have many benefits to the political class as itll force mail-in voting, deter folks from using gas and diesel, keep people locked up and segregated (less likely to organize), and will make the rationing/delivering easier to pull off.

Whatever happens in the midterms will happen and half the country will believe the other half cheated - creating further angst amongst the general population.

As the Fed rips up the dollar and lowers rates again for the war the DOW will, by 2024, eventually close in on 40-50k, the average SFH will reach 600-700k, and a Gallon of gas will go well over $10 (if you can buy it) and I suspect we'll see all of these price levels before the next Presidential election.

This is the mother of all set ups against we the people... BUT the collapse we are about to witness this fall will represent one of the greatest buying opportunities in history and just like the Spring of 2020 the opportunity will be a very SMALL window (3-4months).

The Chinese and Russians are going to advance while we have a shortage of energy, food, and a winter we may or may not stay heated for. Not to mention the general angst and division between the left and right we'll get from the mid term elections... all of it plays into their hands.

The Bears will, as always, be there telling you the end is here - and in some respects they will be correct as the world will never be the same - but in the end the exact same thing that happened over the last 14years will happen over the next 10. We will experience the same hyperinflation all over again and if you believe the bears you'll just keep getting poorer like you have the last 14years.

Foreign capital - now dealing with a World War on their doorsteps - will flee into the dollar, American Real Estate, and American stocks (where dividend yields will represent the new guaranteed rate of return). There will be less and less buyers of bonds as the realization is made that the war will eventually wipe out the bond markets.

The dollar will rise, rates will rise, the market will rise, real estate will rise, commodities will rise, crypto will rise, all of it will go up and absolutely no one will believe it.

We will watch as our markets whipsaw from a massive dump this fall into a hyperinflationary spike as the war progresses into 2023 - 2032.

When the crash hits this fall BE READY TO BUY!

Understand this... NO ONE has any idea how all of this is going to end up at the conclusion. Not Klaus, Not Biden, Not Trump. NO ONE CAN CONTROL THIS LEVEL OF MADNESS! It's quite possible a revolution breaks out in America before we even enter into the war. It's possible they are successful in using the war to implement the Great Reset. How the future unfolds after the war and hyperinflation get going is anyone's guess but the name of the game is simple - OWN PRIVATE ASSETS.

American stocks will be a great buy after the fall crash because the dividend yield WILL become the new guaranteed rate of return bonds used to be. Housing will continue to skyrocket because of the collapse in energy and the large swaths of foreign capital looking to park itself here on our land. We will experience rationing in all essential commodities and what tech was to the 2010s FOOD/Agriculture will be to the 2020s.

At the end of the day you want exposure to american stocks, american real estate, and commodities like gold and silver. You want ALL THE PRIVATE assets because what the world looks like on the other side of this war is anyone's guess but at least you'll own something REAL and however the new monetary system and bond markets are hammered out in the end your REAL PRIVATE assets will maintain relative value to everything else. This is why Blackrock and the big boys won't stop buying. They all damn well know what's going on here.

Uranus into Gemini is the cycle these people use to reset the order of America. Been this way from our masonic beginning...

1773 to 1780
1857 to 1864
1941 to 1948
2025 to 2032

That makes next year 1939... we can see clearly what is unfolding here and there is your timeline for this coming event. Between now and 2033 its nothing but a horrific rollercoaster ride. The name of the game is survive to the other side with private assets to your name.

I suspect roughly half the world's population will not be here in ten years. Starvation, pandemics caused via malnutrition, world war 3, bioweapons (vax deaths), energy collapse, coming climate change (hot or cold), take your pick it'll likely be a combination of all of them but I'd guess at least half of us won't make it.

The name of the game is to make it to the other side ALIVE with some form of wealth in hand. They are flipping the table over and they don't care how much it hurts you or I. They are incapable of just admitting what they've done to the monetary system and pension funds as they fear the people would likely revolt and kill them if they came clean. They have no choice left but to flip the table over and start World War 3.

Those of you who listen and buy this fall when it collapses will make an immense amount of money as the hyperinflation takes hold in the coming years - if you survive. Just remember the higher the prices go the WORSE the civil unrest in America becomes because the LARGER the wealth gap will get and believe me the wealth gap will GET FAR FAR WORSE before it gets better.

Buckle up folks... this fall... when the realization is made were already in WW3 this baby is gonna hit 88 miles per hour. I give myself and all of you a 50% chance of surviving what's coming. Again I'm just nobody in a cabin in the woods but even still I don't like my chances.

What can you do to prepare?

-It goes without saying if youre still in a city you need to leave. Find a way to work from home but sell your real estate now and go rural. Get out of the population centers while you still can. The cities will be ground zero.

-FOOD FOOD FOOD! You need FOOD! You need to buy food now with a long shelf life. I have spent the last two years passively buying a 10-20lb bag of rice every time I go shopping and i've made it a point never to eat any of it. You need food with a long shelf life and if you stack frozen goods be sure you've got the energy to keep the freezer on.

-Guns and Ammo. Argument is simple... better to have them and not need them then to need them and not have them.

-Stack Silver. Forget gold they are going to make it illegal to own again and even if they dont it's worthless in small transactions. If you got some gold keep it but future purchases should be silver only. In the midst of this hyperinflation they will offer Central Bank Digital Currencies as a solution - RUN FROM THEM! It may end up we have no choice in using them but once all the money is put onto the grid silver is the new underground currency. Once the CBDCs go live the metals will finally have their day.

-Anything the WEF pushes - push back - this organization is the one pulling the strings on this entire nightmare and these people are the real enemy of humanity. Whatever we can do to break free of these tyrants we must attempt to do. The Western governments are totally and completely controlled by this organization - and we've decided to listen to them because their solution means more power for our political class. We must fight these people, and their horrific ideas, every step of the way regardless of how much pressure it puts on us. They cannot win this window or they win the next 84year cycle.

I've done my best to explain the situation as it truly is. Whether you listen to me or not is your choice but this once in a century wild ride is about to launch.

Get ready. You've been warned.

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Разстоянието между пробойните на двете тръби е около 75 км.
Кой е тоя, който вместо да ги "гръмне" там където са една до друга, ще вземе, увеличавайки риска да бъде забелязан двойно, да се разхожда напред назад по трасето? И то не по "паветата пред народното събрание" а по дъното на морето?

Според теб кой е?

Новините от деня … / Re: А сега накъде...
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Нещата стигнаха дотам, че вече няма обратен път назад. Какво пък, тоя свят и без това е в морален фалит.

Новините от деня … / Re: А сега накъде...
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Мусолина е симпатяга:


В България би спечелила с разлика.

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David Anon
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In 1918, the US, Europe and Japan invaded Russia from all directions with 250,000 troops to restore the Tsarist regime during the Russian civil war, an intervention & regime change operation.

Footage from The Untold History of the United States 2012, Oliver Stone/Showtime

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Започва да става скучна тази СВО

Направѝ рекламация,искай си обратно парите за билетите  :crying_with_laughter-3302:

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Последните два хода на Путин изкъртиха фаянса.

Владимир Путин:
„Ако териториалната цялост на страната ни е застрашена, ние ще използваме всички налични средства, за да защитим народа си – това не е блъф“.

След анексирането на окупираните територии, тази закана ще изглежда далеч по-страшна, отколкото изглежда сега. Въпросът е дали Западът ще накара Зеленски да седне на масата за преговори, за да предоврати ТСВ, отказвайки се добоволно от територии, или ще вдигне залога. Имайки предвид факта, че Украйна напоследък взима инициативата във войната, това ще е един много труден избор.  :popcorn:

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Our most recent post was regarding the Duma setting up SE Ukraine regions for "referendums" in preparation for annexing them as Russian territory, the same methodology they used in Crimea. It's more complex than a single Tweet will allow, but that's the Cliff's Notes version.

Шах! Русия анексира територии и мобилизира хора, които да ги бранят. Какво ще направи "Колективният Запад"?

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